Monday laundry & windows

Today’s posts answers to two Monday challenges because you asked for it. Well, two of you, at least.

















After I’d posted some laundry hanging from a castle in my previous Thursday Doors post, as I do, not one but two of you suggested that I should be doing Andrew’s Monday Washing Lines challenge. Monday is a good washing day, so I’ve decided to obey, which is not something I do.

And since Monday is also the window day on Ludwig’s blog, this is also a Monday Window post. How very efficient of me.

Speaking of efficient, I must report that on Thursday, when April starts, my blog is going into poetry survival mode for a month. Just like in the last three years, I shall be posting a poem every day throughout April for NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month. Join up or at least bear with me. I do not feel very much inspired this year. We shall see.

I’ve always been alert to laundry and this is the proof: a post on a past blog from when my laundry folder broke. Plenty of laundry there. And windows – I love windows almost as much as doors.

The gallery starts in Italy and continues into its neighbour Slovenia where I’m from (and where Andrew observed some local drinking habits and tasted some brews) and ends at our doorstep. Click on the first photo to enter the colourful gallery and welcome!

For Andrew’s Monday Washing Lines challenge


for Ludwig’s Monday Windows

50 thoughts on “Monday laundry & windows

  1. Manja these are splendid! What great laundry captures you have! You are right about the light – such wonderful light. You are clever indeed. And oh, castle laundry is delightful. I love the white laundry with the fabulous green shutters that open two ways. Of the three fabrics hanging, I hope that they are skirts and then I want to wear all three. Maybe the pink one first. I like how the colour-coded one also seems arranged by height. Anyway, each one of your photos is fun. What an eye you have for composition.

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      1. Hahhah!! Brilliant! I’ll make you do it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, we put in the bed covering – the bedspread, or the heavier woollen blanket, or whatever we use to cover ourselves with. You don’t wrap your blanket in anything? ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. Maybe I understand now. I thought you meant an extra laundry bag type of thing where you store linens when they’re not on the bed. But I *do* use a “comforter cover” over my down blanket/comforter that is on my bed. Maybe that’s what these are.

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      3. Yes, a thin, usually cotton “bag” with buttons or zipper to keep the blanket protected. In Italy, for example, this is not used. They have a bottom sheet and the top sheet and the blanket. No hiding involved.

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  2. Oh, how lovely laundry, Manja! I love these and I love taking photos of laundry lines too….but you really have lots and lots of marvelous captures. If I were to participate I could not find enough photos to join in with…

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  3. Too interesting.I wondered why that pink teddy bear was squeezed from the window and that fluffy red pillow looks like a fat heart stuff toy.Youยดve got lovely sights and as always, washing lines are always a joy to see.

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