Mom’s Sixty

I rarely reblog but today is my 7th blogoversary and this was one of my earliest posts on my first blog. Such a lovely memory. I’m on my fifth blog now. WordPress is cool and I’m not going anywhere.

The Mexi Movie I. (closed)


One day, eight years ago, I was ironing. Thinking about my mom’s big anniversary approaching. She is a woman who has taught me so much, not just how to be modest in life. But she’s done that too. I knew that even though she would look pleased, deep down she would not be really happy to receive an expensive gift of any sort. So I had to do a different kind of brainstorming about what I should get her.

She would certainly enjoy a big surprise party, I was thinking, as I was ironing, my brain in idle running. But where would this party be? Not just at home, even though our lawn full of surprise guest stars rappers would please her immensely… especially if they’d invite her to rap with them (what can I say… my mom is… a lot of things), and as for some restaurant, that’s boring…

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