Thursday Doors, 7/1/21: Farnese, 8.

Welcome to my first post in 2021. Since the new is merely continuation of the old, I’ll let my Farnese door tour go on.











But first, here is my greeting for the new year, in case you haven’t seen it yet. And yes, this is really my new mat.

And now let’s return to Farnese, a town in Lazio north of Rome, where we were on seven Thursdays already. So many doors for such a small town. This tour will finish next week. Maybe.

It’s lunch time and Flavia and I are getting done with the centro storico and appear from the green mouldy shadows back into the sunlight. This lunch was the first culinary disappointment since I came to Italy so I won’t be naming any names. Too bad that this was my last meal in any restaurant.

This was almost three months ago – and the last time I spent some time and shared some laughs with another human being, other than amore and bestia. (Well, human is relative.) Since then it’s only been a sentence here and there with a delivery person or a rare neighbour. And let me tell you – it’s getting to me. It’s time for some off screen action but I don’t see it happening just yet.

In fact, I don’t feel the future as I usually do. I can’t tap into it. Ah well. I’ll read some books then. Better than CNN.

Let’s have some doors now. See you around.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

This is the new challenge badge as voted by you. I’m sorry that I missed the voting period.

This was my proposal:

42 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 7/1/21: Farnese, 8.

  1. Your doors never disappoint, Manja. These are beautiful. Why were you turned away at the restaurant? I love the doors, but I also really like the angles and perspectives you chose. Very nice work. Happy New Year.

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  2. A fine collection and a fine submission 🙂
    In the last 10 months, I have had tacos with Benson, tacos with The Mister, and one very fancy birthday dinner with Sassy and friends. I also feel the need to get out and be with people and you’re much more people-y than I so I can imagine you’re nearly bonkers for want of interaction. I passed our coffee shop last week, where in those ten months, we place order and pick up, but remember how The Mister and I used to meet on occasion, a lil after work rendezvous before returning home to the children, and I miss that. Simple pleasures. Still, we must be careful as much as possible. Stay well my friend xx

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    1. Joeyyy, so glad to see you here, every time. Funny that you call me more people-y. I might give that impression with my photos of family and friends but this is only when I visit Slovenia, less than two months a year. The fact is that even before all this I had zero interactions all my six years in Italy, only the last, seventh, year this changed with my first Italian friend with whom we went places as long as it was possible, including to Farnese and its doors. I miss her very much. I wish us all little and big joys again.

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  3. Hi, happy to meet you again in your new blog! Lovely photos as always. 🙂 I’ve taken a break from facebook and instagram. Thought I’ll spend more time here in wordpress taking care of my own baby. 🙂

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