Thursday Doors, 27/2/20: Montecalvello, part 1

Do you know how you sometimes burst into laughter so much that tears roll down your cheeks? This happened on Saturday, the last time I met Flavia.










Not that anything was wrong with the town, it was majestic in its abandoned way, or with Flavia who had come there before me and was telling me that there wasn’t even a bar.

It was the feeling of absolute randomness that cracked me up. How many towns like this one there are in Italy? And then we drive 1.5 (me) to 2 hours (her) to reach precisely this one, Montecalvello, just because I happened to see one photo of it that I liked somewhere, which was enough to put it on my list.

And yet, I will manage to make two Thursday Doors posts with doors from this tiny town. Who said there was nothing there?

Here’s to the freedom, the luxury of town-hopping, door-spotting and laughing with a friend. Let it last.

I salute you, door (and window) lovers, with some Slovenian schnapps because I caught a cold last night, since it got really cold after a little hailstorm and I was wearing the light coat. Not a flu, just a sore throat. We’ll fix that. Besides, corona can be killed by alcohol. They said so on Facebook.

And then we went to nearby Viterbo and I pointed out the venue for our bloggers’ meetup next year and we laughed and laughed. Have you heard of it? Read the teaser that Flavia wrote yesterday:

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


32 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 27/2/20: Montecalvello, part 1

  1. I can see that we are kindred spirits, in that we like to explore little townsa little,’off the beaten track,’ just to see what is there. And Italy never fails to disappoint as the buildings, stonework and timber doors are a feast for textural photographers. Here’s to an old age that is well worn but shiny!

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  2. Despite the abandoned feel of the place you managed to find quite a few lovely doors.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon, and yes, we should get all of our healthcare advice from Facebook, after all there’s so much that real doctors don’t want us to know :-\

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  3. What fun to town hop with friends! I love the doors you found and your photos are amazing. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy many more excursions as Spring arrives. =) I don’t know what it is, but Italy has the bluest skies I’ve ever seen and enjoyed. Again, take care over there.

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