Thursday Doors, 13/2/20: Bagnaia, part 2

Usually I don’t post a series from one location in a row but the second part of Bagnaia doors asked me to be next.










Last Thursday we reached Villa Lante in Bagnaia and had a look around. Today we conclude our tour of its magnificent gardens with many fountains as the light is slowly leaving for the day, and walk through the rest of the town in golden light.

The problem with fountains is that they don’t have many doors if at all, that’s why I shall make a separate post about them. Today is about doors after all.

Just earlier today my attentive friend Tili sent me a link with rows and rows of doors (and windows for Flavia) from a single location. You lose the details this way, but it’s still fascinating to see the character of a place through its doors. It makes me wish to do a similar compilation, or three, of my own. Which one is your favourite? Mine is – unsurprisingly – Venice.

And then have a look at this door collection and tell me if you don’t wish to visit a city or two just for the showcased door. (Looking at Prague, Copenhagen and Moscow in particular. And Brussels! And Bologna!!) Maybe you are in one of these places right now, or near, and can fish it out!

Not that I’m complaining. I’m in Italy after all and here there are more doors than anything else that I like to photograph. Lucky me.

And now, welcome to Bagnaia near Viterbo in Lazio. This is just one town in quite possibly a million. After this we went to another, Vitorchiano, for a wonderful lunch and for many many many more doors. You’ll see.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


44 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 13/2/20: Bagnaia, part 2

  1. So inviting – would like to spend some time here! Love the mini jungle above the garage, now that is making use of one’s space, lol! LOVE your first impression (first capture). Have a great weekend, Manja!

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  2. Interesting sculpture… the small town of Pietersanta west of Lucca is filled with sculpture gardens – many sculptors live there as it is right next door to Carrera and the marble quarries. Great place for doors pictures. I was there twenty years ago so I doubt I can find any of my pictures.

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    1. Hehe, Equinoxio, right, what were they thinking? Well, Italy doesn’t need an excuse to visit but if you need it, doors are perfect. Today we started to talk with Flavia that a bloggers’ meeting in Italy is what this world needs, probably for the next year. Are you in?

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  3. A few excellent door threesome shots in this one. My fave shot is the three part door with the full mail boxes. One thing I’ve learned about Italy though is that even in places where you wouldn’t expect to find doors…you will still find doors; and nice ones too 😉

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    1. Thank you, Norm. Very true, that. I was running (more like hobbling) after Flavia and her friend and shot from the hip as I went without really paying attention. But it turned out quite alright. 🙂 By the way, we started to plan a bloggers’ meeting for 2021, just so that you know to plan. 😉 (For now it’s a joke but such jokes can quickly turn into reality.)

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  4. These are gorgeous, same quality Thursday, just one amazing shot after another, as if your doors are infinite and your talent limitless.
    “Then I realised that if I took photos of three doors at once, I might live longer.” <—– MADE ME LOL
    I enjoy the postboxes, the jungle over the garage, and the fine warm colors.

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