L-A: The waters of Villa Lante

Even if it’s not a proper river, it runs through the magnificent terraced gardens of Villa Lante in Bagnaia near Viterbo.













This was in January and it was the first trip that I made with my friend Flavia. I know there will be more, sooner or later. Italy is not going anywhere.

I showed you its doors already in two posts and promised to show the fountains. Here are the water features of Villa Lante which started to be built in 1566. Imagine that.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: A river runs through it

31 thoughts on “L-A: The waters of Villa Lante

  1. In year’s gone by the wealthier took pride in making some spectacular Gardens, particularly so in Italy. I assume that is where this town is? Reminds me a little bit of Villa Carlotta in Mezzagra in the Lake District – Lake Como. There was a wonderful Grotto made of stone like one of your photos. Statues and gardens so fabulous to see. I so I enjoyed the virtual tour- thanks Manja

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  2. All of a sudden I realize the beauty of the general overviews that you like to take. The one of the first fountain is really something😍 and very strangely I liked also the shot of the 3 guys looking down! Only good memories🎉 take care my dear 💪

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  3. Oh… how beautiful! Thank you so much for this wonderful virtual tour. So much needed during this difficult time…
    Great photos of this special garden, Manja!

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  4. What a beautiful garden! Love little pools and sculptures – a lovely Italian tour, Manja. Thank you – stay well and extra puffs to Bestia from Totti and Milo ♥♥

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