Odd Friendly Friday couples

For this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge, hosted by Amanda, I gather couplings of diversity. Heavily represented is bestia and his various playmates.














By coincidence, of which Facebook reminded me, it was exactly on this day last year that Amanda posted her Friendly Friday post with the prompt contrast and this was my post. Today it’s odd couples and here are some from around here. I can certainly say that I like spotting diversity in a photo and otherwise. Unite!

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Odd couples

18 thoughts on “Odd Friendly Friday couples

    1. Thanks, Bojana. This is one highly cultured dog. I must say that I don’t study or even read much about church stuff but I think it’s about scaring the Scheiss out of you so that you’re happy to be able to enter the sanctuary. They are only on the outside, you see, the gargoyles.

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