Simple Friendly Friday joys

Sandy’s simply joyous first photo in her first Friendly Friday post as the host says it all.














We are all happy that Amanda has a new co-host after the withdrawal of Snow Melts Somewhere, the original host of one year. Sandy’s first theme is simple joys and she provides great photo instances of just that.

I always get great joy from a walk through unknown territory and Rome offers plenty of opportunities for that. The last such walk in Ostiense around Gazometro after Christmas was especially joyous since it was the first time we got together with Flavia (her photo memories of it are here).

Since then we spent much more time together and tomorrow we shall do it again. After almost seven years in Italy, I have a real-life friend who stirs me into motion and pulls me away from here. Blogging is beautiful.

Photos from that day are enriched with some other personal moments. Keep it simple and joyful!

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Sandy Chronicles: Simple Joys


30 thoughts on “Simple Friendly Friday joys

  1. I just love that little orange car! I hadn’t heard about environmental paint, so I looked it up. I love both the concept and the particular paint job in your photo, but it seems there are mixed thoughts about the good it does. (Not to diminish your joy by any means … we have to start somewhere on this job of cleaning up the air!)

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