A dog and Cohen in Greece

Today only one photo and one song, as Bushboy does it, since I promised.

As I’m gathering photos for the Friendly Friday challenge, I realise that I still have a long way to go before posting and so will have to do it during the weekend. That’s why today just a quick post but it carries a big punch.

The last photo in January, as is? Alright. Bushboy asks, I deliver. I find this a splendid challenge. It was this photo, unedited. I took my camera with me on purpose, hoping s/he will be there again.

The song has not much to do with anything, but it choked me up completely the first time I saw this video last week. Anybody who spent any time in Greece will recognise its truth. It goes well with the documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love that I’ve seen recently.

Krasi’, psomi’, psari’ remains my war cry from those days. Wine, bread, fish. And mono i agapi.

For Last photo for January 2020 challenge hosted by bushboys world


15 thoughts on “A dog and Cohen in Greece

      1. Hey Manja! Well this year is so far squeezing me pretty hard work-wise. I’ve got some leave scheduled in March and I’ve been to Israel for a cheeky weekend… more on that soon. How are the flamingos?

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      2. They are gone! 😮 This spring everything is happening really fast. The processionari are already falling from the pines. So I don’t know whose mating the Coop visitors will watch from the roof with the binoculars on Valentine’s day…

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