Thursday Doors, 9/1/20: Ostiense, Rome

One of the best things I did during the recent holidays was go on a walk with the fellow blogger Flavia, a born Roman. Our target was Ostiense for its street art but doors are always here somewhere.










We were supposed to meet once before but a terrific downpour forced us to postpone. Better this way, because now that we did meet, a couple of days after Christmas, the day was just perfect for a stroll.

Amore, bestia and I met Flavia at the beautiful Ostiense station with the pyramid and we walked for two hours in a circle until the happy end – gelato. I’m especially glad that she decided to join us despite a stomach bug that she’d caught. Thank you!

I will do a post with more photos of various street art that we found another time, today some of the encountered doors. It’s so obvious that this time I was busy chatting and laughing with our new friend and didn’t pay much attention to technical aspects. It was worth it though.

As Flavia was leaving for her train, I gave her bestia’s leash to hold and said in joke: “Ciao!” and walked away with amore. Bestia gave us one, only one! look as if to say: Okay then, if this is what you wish, and turned to leave with Flavia towards the train most happily, even though usually he is not a fan of trains. When I reclaimed him and Flavia left, he looked after her in serious longing. No worries, bestia, we will certainly meet again.

Today I’m trying a different layout because some of these photos are far from sharp. I’m afraid my automatic focus is going to the dogs. It’s high time I get a new camera and this is something I’d like to talk to you all. Soon I’ll do a post about this and ask for your suggestions on which camera to get for my big birthday in May.

You can click on a photo to see them larger in a colourful horizontal gallery but as usually the captions are not visible there, so I ask you to read first and watch later. Hard to have everything in life, ey?

I wish you all a happy door year!


For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 9/1/20: Ostiense, Rome

  1. What a fun meet up! I’m glad Bestia made a new friend too. You wore my favorite color with pinks for the accent colors! I do that all the time or wear mauves. You looked beautiful!

    The green door was my favorite in this collection.

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      1. Oh, I’m picky with fabric feels too. I’m constantly running my hands across fabrics when shopping. My daughter comments on it when we’re together. “Mom why do you have to touch all the clothes?” Like I’m weird or something? I’m glad you’re not angry at the fabric anymore. It’s lovely in the photo.

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  2. I’m so glad to see you were finally able to reschedule your meet-up and at least this time the weather co-operated!
    There’s so much to love in this collection. The whole building painted with the cars on it, the wolf (I think), and of course: Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones! They’re the model stone age fam-i-leeeeeee – that theme song will be in my head all weekend now. Thanks for that 😉

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    1. Heheh, you’re welcome, Norm. I was surprised to see him up there. Yes, I was really glad we met up with Flavia and it was a wonderful afternoon. I really hope many more door- and windowscusions are in store for us. She told me that she is more of a windows fan. (Gasp!) Hihihi.


  3. My dear, thank you once again for that lovely afternoon we spent together. It has been a pleasure to meet the 3 of you. I have 2 weeks off ahead (I will tell you more in private because it is too long for a comment!) and I definitely want to leave for some new destination 😈💪😂 but first let’s meet once again 💪💪 I cannot find the article that you sent me about that place outside of Rome🤦🏻‍♀️🤔 I will check once again and I will write you back. Lots of kisses😘😘😘

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  4. This gallery is not working for me on the laptop. They stay all small 😦 The last three shots are my favorite, I just wish they were big and bright for my old eyes.
    I love that Bestia just assented to it, like, oh, alright LOL — My dog is MY dog, but she seems quite sad when the boy one or my husband’s father leave.

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    1. Oh, Joey, thank you so much for telling me. I fixed it now by making photos at least somewhat bigger. But strange that the gallery didn’t open. Maybe now it does. My camera is about to fail. 😦 I notice that the auto-focus is working less and less, so many of these photos are not sharp. Luckily I’m getting a new camera for my big May birthday. 😀

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