Thursday Doors, 14/11/19: Koper III.

Sometimes it takes three blogs to round up one door day. This is part three of one summer day spent in Koper on the Slovenian coast which got flooded heavily two nights ago, as did Venice just opposite.











The Adriatic sea is the cul-de-sac of the Mediterranean, and the Slovenian coast below Trieste (in Italy) is the cul-de-sac of the Adriatic. When the strong southern winds, heavy rainfall and the full moon come together, the sea decides to pay a visit and you get the second highest acqua alta (high tide) ever in the entire region, including Venice two hours away (and its famous bookshop called… “Acqua Alta”).

The damage was quite severe. Here are six illustrative photos of flooded Piran (once there, keep clicking on the first arrow on the right to see the other five photos).

Today’s doors come from Koper (called Capodistria in Italian, this is bilingual territory), the largest Slovenian port, which also got its share of sea rise. Two Thursday Doors posts were from there already, one on my third blog and another on my previous, fourth one.

This post wraps up the hot summer day spent with my poet friend strolling around, having lunch and wine and gelato and a haircut (him) and some green item shopping (me) and then he went by train to Ljubljana and I by bus into the sunset to Piran.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

32 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 14/11/19: Koper III.

  1. Those weathered old double doors at the restaurant have so much character and you had the best (closest) seat in the house too!
    The shot from the bus of the glowing light on the horizon caught my eye as well, as did all those long end-of-day shadows.
    Sadly flooding in coastal towns is probably going to get much worse. One can only hope that our species can all agree to work together to find solutions to help literally turn back the tide *fingers crossed*

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  2. I can feel the heat of the day coming off your photos. It’s much appreciated on this dull grey November day in a long sequence of dull grey November days.

    You always find pretty and interesting doors … like the fishy door 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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