L-A: But I don’t like creepy

No, I don’t. Especially creepy people. If you scare me, I get angry. That said, I can still take it in small doses.











Leya asks for creepy for this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge, and I oblige with four themes:

  • Three works of art by Andrea Gandini who carves art in wood, more specifically into trunks of former trees in Rome. Sister sent me a link to his website which includes the map of his works. I remembered that I discovered one piece already years ago in Trastevere. It is in the first photo in the gallery below, followed by two that I found this weekend not far from amore’s father. Not just a little creepy, if you ask me. Many pieces are gone by now. It seems trunks are not forever.
  • A hidden courtyard in Rome’s Monteverde with a lady in stone who is not there by her free will, or at least this is what I feel whenever I pass.
  • Monteverde’s scariest house. What’s with all those objects on the facade?
  • And the last three photos are from the Sacro Bosco (Sacred forest) in Bomarzo, called The Park of Monsters. See why they call it thus in this dedicated post about my visit on a previous blog. Oh, look, that time the theme was creepy as well!

For soundtrack, something that I have been listening to for the last two days more or less non-stop: a Toronto-based Choir! Choir! Choir! and their takes on numerous hits from here and there and everywhere. Some favourites include their covers of Radiohead, Neil Young, Lou Reed and Portishead, but to stay in line with today’s creepy theme, beware of the Maneater, the Psycho Killer, and most of all, the Bigmouth who can’t wait to strike again:

Now you know how Joan of Arc felt.

And if you are in Toronto or within driving distance, please, go over there on a Tuesday, find their hangout – the back room of Clinton’s Tavern – and sing your heart out for me a little, just as I’m tracking down creepy art, and pretty doors, and all sorts of things in Italy and Slovenia, for you and for me too.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya of To See A World in a Grain of Sand…: Creepy

36 thoughts on “L-A: But I don’t like creepy

  1. Creepy…artworks, Manja! Even if you don’t like creepy (who does, I mean LIKE it?) The sculptures for a beloved wife – creepy, but the very idea of having them in her memory? That…is creepy. Those hollow eyes creeped me out, I wonder if I can sleep tonight – but Loved the choir! I looked back on your old post as well – found a beautiful horse. I think I will listen to the choir again before I go to sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Leya. I’m so glad you had a look at the old post. As I say there, it was a lovely park, not creepy at all. That horse is really pretty. I hope you had another listen to the choir. I just can’t stop listening to them. I was thinking that this post wouldn’t be creepy enough but it seems that some people are creeped out. 😀


  2. OK Manja – I agree the wood carvings are creepy but OMG – the monsters?!?!?! Why in heaven’s name would someone think monsters are a tribute to a beloved wife????? Was he trying to say she’d gone to hell, or that he was in hell without her? Good grief, they are the heart and soul of creepiness!

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    1. Hihih, that’s 16th century for you, Tina… Plus they being Italians, they like to redeem themselves. Who knows. In any case, I made it look much creepier than it is. A stroll through this park is a family recommended affair. Just don’t bring a dog, not allowed. Thanks!


    1. Thank you, Ms. UP. (BTW, “up” means “hope” is Slovenian.) I’ve done a bit of disservice to this park. It’s a lovely place to stroll around with some lovely sculptures and a wicked leaning house. But then there is an elephant that appears to be killing a human with its trunk…

      Liked by 1 person

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