Moving Friendly Friday

Amanda has chosen a great topic this week again. It’s moving how her moving is moving Friendly Friday into my arms again.










Indeed, moving can mean a different thing to different people at different times. Obviously Amanda is busy with her actual move to their new home, that’s why I will help her and host Friendly Friday both times in November when it’s her turn, starting in two weeks.

But today here is a collection of means and symbols of movement as I see it.

Even though I believe movement is one of the keys of life, I only moved out of the street where I was born when I moved to Tuscany, six years ago.

I’ve been moving up and down ever since and soon the time will come to do it again. Physically, that is. With the carpet that is my mind (and my blog) I can do it perpetually.

Not that here or there is better, it’s in this hopping to and fro where the luxury lurks.

Which reminds me of all that hopping between Denmark and Sweden in Bron/Broen. Yes, I’ve finished Season 1 of The Bridge. And now I’m hooked.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Moving

32 thoughts on “Moving Friendly Friday

  1. Manja, you moved blog again! (Which, I guess, is in tune with the post?) Thanks a lot for the kind words… I love how my homonymous compadre didn’t bother put his surname on the doorbell. As if there could be no other Fabrizio but him. Individualism is a bit of a trait amongst us Fabrizios.

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    1. Hehe, Fabrizio, I can see this individualism. Well, I’ve had this blog for a couple of months now. I fill them up, what can I do? But it’s good to freshen things up. This Fabrizio is a romano, I pass his door every time I visit amore’s father. I always think of you and the last time I was there I clicked. Thanks for sticking around.

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  2. Your post is moving! I love the way the frame passes over the photo of Lake Bled as I scroll down with my mouse! And I do want to go on the Gondola on that lake one day. It must be so exciting to head towards that snow capped mountain range on the highway. I would be so excited!!!

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    1. Ohh, Sandy, I’m always on the side of the boar. If you look at the last photo, this is how we ran away before any kill could occur. None of us is a fan. Bestia is especially upset when he hears the shots, even through closed windows at home. But this – Maremma in Tuscany – is a traditional boar-hunting territory and a boar is a symbol of this region. I say all this but then I get a stew or salami and eat it. 😦


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