I’ll make paradise

Today, a song by two determined young Slovenians and a reality check.

First, here is a song that I can’t stop playing. It’s got a certain something. It’s by a Slovenian duo called Zajtrk (“Breakfast”) and I only learned of them very recently. The title means “I’ll make paradise”. Give it a listen and then I’ll translate the lyrics.


I'll drop out of school and travel the world
I'll caress our beloved blue planet from head to toe
I'll save humanity from economic crisis 
I'll marry an American to get him a visa
I'll sew the ozone back to how it used to be
For each and every creature alive I'll make paradise
I'll make paradise

I'll tear down factories and plant a garden 
a mole will help me till the earth
rains will water it, birds will fertilise it,
the scary bear that writes jokes for children will guard it. 
I'll flip a crooked finger to ugly dictatorship
and open doors to democracy everywhere
I'll make paradise

Those who force children into labour
I'll shut behind wire fences 
To those who mock another colour of the skin
I'll steal all the flowers in front of their houses
and to women with bags made from animal skin
I'll stuff and mount their husbands 
I'll make paradise

Lies, hatred, wrongdoings,
sadistic bastards,
acid rain, grey ozone -
bye bye
'cause I'll make paradise

Translated by MMM

And now maybe you’re curious about them. Have you got some sort of mental picture about these two performers, the girl singing, the guy on the guitar? Have a look and see if there is a match between expectations and reality. For me it wasn’t. I love how she performs and how the audience reacts.

Whereas in fact what I’ll really do is see if I can stay awake long enough to see how two NBA games finish with one as yet unbeaten Slovenian this season in each (Luka Dončić in Dallas Mavericks, Goran Dragić in Miami Heat). Both teams are 2 out of 2. Talking of paradise. (Actually basketball, if unclear.)

And now have some photos from my paradise now. They are not very good because it was hazy, but they are from today. This is the Orbetello lagoon with flamingos and other flyers. It may be early days but they seem awfully few compared to previous years. Paradise, ow.

ADD-IT: The games ended. I’m still awake. Both teams with Slovenians lost after leading most of the time. I better stop writing about current events.

32 thoughts on “I’ll make paradise

  1. You’re enjoying the heat while where I live in the US we’re seeing 27 degrees Fahrenheit! I loved your photos of your paradise. A view of the water so close must be nice? I particularly liked the dewdrops on the grass, always a favorite and mostly a possibility to see no matter where we live. Your dog is so cute – I love how when dogs start to age, they get that adorable worn look to their noses. Thank you for sharing your paradise with us. PS – great tune to that song – l agree with you, that duo performs well together!

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    1. Ahh, it may be only the shadow that ages him in this photo. 🙂 In other photos from yesterday he looks normal. He is only six after all.

      Thank you, Shelley, for coming over and deciding to stick around. I’m especially glad that you like the drops and the tune. Always welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Listening to Širom now, never heard of them before. 😀 I must ask you things more often. Magnifico is my mom’s favourite. Predin, Lovšin and Kreslin are pretty eternal (even though I love Kreslin the most out of these).

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      1. Aaaj, from distance, so tiny, it looked like swans😂🤪yes, I came back this morning but I am still suffering fof the jet lack and the zero sleep on the plane. Yes, I am already planning the next move for the job and of course travels! I spin faster than the world😂💪

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. I think my camera needs some sort of maintenance or something. It has deteriorated. I just might be getting a new one in May for my big-five-oh! 😉 (Any recommendations? I only know that I’d prefer a lighter mirrorless one.)

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      1. Do you already have a camera system with interchangeable lenses?

        I’ve been looking into the new Nikon mirrorless cameras, and the Sony A7 iii. For wildlife I’m sticking to my DSLR for the time being, but moving to mirrorless for landscape and street stuff is the way it’s going.

        Here’s an article on the best of 2019 by Nasim Masourov. He’s a photographer who’ve I’ve followed for years and trust his reviews.

        Getting a new camera for your birthday would be great!


      2. Uuu great, just what I needed. Thank you so much! No, I’ve had only my Nikon point-and-shoot, nothing interchangeable. Actually, I don’t like the idea of changing lenses, I’m lazy and far from pro. I like to see and click. 😀 With some level of manual focus, if possible. I’ll study this article with great interest, thank you! ❤


    1. Thank you so much, Martina. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog. I couldn’t find the way to comment on your last entry, did you disable it? I liked your introduction to 20/20. I find myself lazy, uninspired, not moved to post, unable to take photographs, and watching crime series instead of news. Can only improve.

      I had not seen flamingos before moving to Tuscany either. Who would have thought I’d find them here of all places.

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      1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check! Sometimes you need to rest and let your curiosity develop. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself x The idea of flamingos in Tuscany makes Tuscany an even more intriguing destination. Will you be visiting the south anytime soon?

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