October 2018

Here are twenty photos from last October for my Calendar 2018 as a reminder, memory and comparison to the month at hand.










At the start of the month we said goodbye to our wonderful Canadian guests Norm and Honey, then I went to Slovenia for a few days, alone by FlixBus for the first time, where I spent a lovely autumn day with my sister (here are two other posts from this day: Ljubljana Newyorked and Art in the park), and when I returned the wind showed me who the king of Maremma was.

Maremma is the historical region around here with no definite borders and it spills from Tuscany into Lazio. I love all its mmmmm’s and how they roll off your tongue, just like its hills.

And finally, I hope that this month Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK… makes her A year ago post again as she did last month and caused me so much joy. It is nice to see that what you do ripples. Everybody is welcome to follow her footsteps.

September 2018

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13 thoughts on “October 2018

  1. This reminds me that I have tons of pictures from this trip that I haven’t used yet, including all of my doors from our afternoon in Capalbio. We sure packed an awful lot of fun into such a short time together 🙂

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    1. Oh, that’s great to hear, Norm. I thought you might have drained that source by now. We sure did and I still can’t believe it’s been a year already. I had to include our photo in my October selection before I realised that I should have asked the photographer’s permission. 😉

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