Lens-Artists PC: Car window frames

This week I was a bit apprehensive regarding our Lens-Artists photo task. You see, I feel my frames in a fully non-scientific, let’s call it excessive way. Let’s have some limits, I said, and looked through the car window.











I like to make the viewer unsure of what to focus on. I positively thrive on it. Also, I don’t see any problem with Patti’s first horse photo. True, I prefer the second one, but if you want to see the full statue as it is positioned, the first one does the job. I might well take a photo just like that one. Hm… is there a lesson here, I wonder.

Thus I had a bit of a scare contemplating which photos to post. Chances are high they won’t make a best practice example. But since this is my blog and my rules, and nobody is paying for anything, I can do whatever I wish! How liberating, said I and started to compile photos taken out of the side car window (with a couple of cheats).

Most of these were taken just around the corner here in lower Tuscany, but some are also from Slovenia.

A window is a limit, it prevents me from coming closer (I know, there is also the zoom), and it makes for a great cinemascope. Welcome to Manja Movie.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti at P. A. Moed: Filling the frame

29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Car window frames

  1. Hi, Manja. I love your frames! What a great idea. Your shot of the dog is one of my favorites, here. And I think you’re right about the “rules.” They are made to be broken once we’ve mastered them in order to create our unique “visions.” Your scenery shots are terrific. I love the autumn countryside shot.

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      1. Haha! I promise, our earth isn’t like that, our trees aren’t like that, our buildings… no poppies around here… Probably get closer to that in California, but still not like there!

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