Lens-Artists PC: My pick of places

This week we are to make a cherry pick of places that mean the most to us, or so I came to understand Tina’s challenge. As I’ve realised, it all comes down to light. Light and luck.












Here is a collections of locations that carry a certain spark, make one breathe deeper, or merely had me in it at the decisive time in my life, compiled with the idea of calming me and hopefully you too.

The list is not complete; there are some places to which I haven’t returned with my camera yet, such as Kranjska Gora and Divača in Slovenia, or Umag and Mošćenička Draga in Croatia.

We start at the passage to the beach that doesn’t exist any more. It may exist but it’s not free to pass since it’s been fenced off. Oh, Italians – you rarely fix anything and then you fixed this. It always got the best light.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Tina of travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com: Pick a place

42 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: My pick of places

  1. Have you heard the expression “an embarrassment of riches” MMM? It’s what you’ve shown here – so much beauty to be seen in the world and you’ve captured it perfectly. You’re right, it IS about the light. Your italian scene first and last are superb but it’s Lucca and the sunset photo that follows it that stole my heart!

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  2. Manja, Manja…now you have outdone yourself! Glorious images of the beauty where you live and grew up. Impossible to pick one, or two , or three…”I was only in Lucca once. It was so perfect that I’m afraid to return.” I see why. And the Lake Bohinj! And the last photo…So much beauty it nearly kills me. Well done. I am still alive.

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  3. I think it all depends on which editor the person who is posting uses. I have noticed this inability to “like” on several blogs, yet on other ones I can. I feel too lazy to try to figure it all out right now.

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      1. Sorry about the ankle. Well, do you enter my blog at all or only view the post in the Reader? When you are on my blog and click on a photo, the gallery should look good on the laptop as well. I never look at the posts on the Reader so I forget that others are doing it. Just don’t buy a big screen only for my blog! 😉


    1. Hey ho, Lisa, good to have you here again. I see that you’ve arrived somewhere where you could love it, and I see that you’ve just posted something new on your blog, yeah! This golden light is what spells Italy for me. And I still haven’t been south of Rome at all yet. All well to you!

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