Thursday Doors, 3/10/19: Sovana

Today’s doors come from Sovana, a one-street Etruscan town that already had the cathedral in the 8th century.











First of all – it seems WordPress has again fixed the gallery system so we are back to the previous horizontal photo viewing. Don’t tell me now that you prefer the style of the last two posts! (Or do, if this is the case.)

Next, in her comment to my yesterday’s Lens-Artists post Tina called my post “an embarrassment of riches”. It stuck an immediate chord and I might have a name for my next blog. 😀

What can I say, sorry-not-sorry, just slightly embarrassed and rich in the best senses of the word: here are my doors for today at your pleasure and command.

This is the one-street-town of Sovana, 8 km from Pitigliano (so when you do it, you do them both), with door photos from my last two visits.

And then there is Sorano as well, the third town from where I don’t have any door photos yet. Terrible, I know.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.


33 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 3/10/19: Sovana

  1. Yes indeed this place, and some of the doors do look familiar. Can you believe that a whole year has passed…already?!
    I love your shots through the gate and the one of the cathedral doors that has the stone road dominating the foreground.
    Are these taken with the same camera? Somehow the colours seem even deeper than usual, or maybe it’s just the light.
    In any case, another excellent post and yes, an embarrassment of door riches 😉

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    1. Thanks, Norm. Indeed, this year rushed by somehow. I can hardly believe it. This post has about one half of photos from our day and the other from my last month’s visit. The ones you mention were taken this year. The camera is the same though. As is the Windows Photo Gallery editing tool, the only one I use. If I was really rich, this wouldn’t sound nearly as funny. 😀


      1. I pay for an upgrade. Cheap really. Gives me 6GB. BUT… even though I deleted many posts and images, my posts (1 or 2) a week are about 15 pix long. A personal rule I break often… 🙂 Need to upgrade, but haven’t had the time.

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  2. I’m coming to the conclusion that any and every stop in Italy – big or small – will be a wonderland of beautiful and interesting doors! …. and you’ve made it your mission to find them all 🙂

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  3. These are wonderful doors. It does seem like you juts need to step outside, spin around and snap 10 or so beautiful doors, but as long as you share them with us, it’s a good thing.

    I realized, after reading your comments, that I haven’t seen you in my inbox. I am following this blog, and I did ask to be notified by email, but that is not happening. I thought I’d just sign up again, but the option is showing (as if it knows I already did it). I hate when this happens. I will track you down, but often that means dropping you and following you again. Don’t worry – nothing personal 😉

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