Friendly Friday balconies

I needed a bit more time for this Friendly Friday post for several reasons. Amanda managed to come up with the theme that I have not encountered yet, I had to wrestle the new WordPress gallery system, and I was gloomy. Now it’s all better and here are my balconies.












As usually my both countries, Slovenia and Italy, are represented. We start and end in Slovenia where it all started, and in the middle there are Rome and Tuscany.

Balconies and terraces vary in style, which is how I like it. It’s not that any place is better than other, any country, any weather, any climate. It’s the fact that I can choose, as long as I can.

As for WordPress, it seems that the horizontal gallery viewing has been done away with. I have chosen this style with larger captions. You can still click on a photo to open it separately but you can not move to the next one by clicking. (I believe, or even if you can, there is no guarantee that the photos will be in my chosen order.) (ADD-IT: It’s changed yet again. I like it this way.)

To finish on a lighter mood, something my friend likes to say: “I have the best legs if I’m all alone on the balcony.”

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Balconies

41 thoughts on “Friendly Friday balconies

  1. Where do I start with my comment?
    I love all the balconies. The Slovenian ones especially, but the cemetery monument deserve a special mention. Incredible!!
    The fancy wooden one was an eye catcher for me and I do like the aesthetics of the ones in Ljubljana (the spelling of which is correct this time, no?). I think your balcony with the fake flowers was also spoilt a little by the placement of the airconditioner – the flat upstairs on the middle and right would be where I’d love to sit. And oh! I want to rent that balcony that is about to be swallowed by leaves!
    I was thinking the church balcony was called a nave but that is up near the altar. I think it is called the ‘choir loft’ – unless the choir is seated near the altar. Ironically, I am not religious at all, but I do love church architecture.
    Thanks for the laugh on the rare sighting of the flamingo!

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  2. Quite an eclectic mix. The Talamone Cemetery balcony is quite impressive. So glad there’s no ghostly figure there. 🙂
    In essence, a post about balconies is a clandestine post about doors, isn’t it? Of course you would have many photos.

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    1. Hihih, no hiding the truth from Mr. Draco. I wondered if anybody would spot this. I’ve been known to infiltrate balcony doors into my door posts and now I did the opposite. The way I see it, balconies are just doors with the view. 😉 Thank you!


  3. Whether it’s WP or IOS13, I now have problems scrolling your post on my phone: it keeps opening every single photo individually when I scroll in its vicinity and this takes forever and then I have to jump nack and repeat. Grrr!!! Ie. scrolling is no longer possible as it interprets everything as link-clicking. I wonder if it has to do with this gallery thing. Anyway, the photos I managed to see were beautiful, as always 😊

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    1. Yes, that’s what I thought might happen. Thank you, SMSW. I have a choice of settings for the images: no click, click to enlarge without the caption, click to enlarge with the caption. I chose to enlarge without the caption, but since my uploaded photos are not very big, I think I’ll just choose no click. At least you will have an easier life with my blog. 😀 Check again after a few minutes, when you can, and report if it’s any better, please!

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    1. Hihih, this is such a cool connection. I never made it yet! Dragonja is a fairly short river between Croatia and Slovenia. I had a look and Wiki says: “Non-linguistic accounts explain the name as based on the meandering course of the river, resembling a dragon (Italian: drago).” So you see, it’s possible!

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