Thursday Doors, 12/9/19: Pitigliano

Today I won’t post any photo of Norm (promise!) but I will draw your attention to one of the towns we visited together last year, and now I did it again with my current visitors. I think it was here that Norm invented the word doorgasm.








It starts with a bamboo door. When I saw the price tag, 15 Eur, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to have a real Tuscan door at home, but I was with Norm of all people, our Thursday Doorman, and he said: only if they had given the door quite some TLC. As it is, it remained unbought.

As you scroll through all the other door photos, taken two days ago, imagine how often I was thinking of this door and regretted not buying it. When you reach the last photo, it all becomes clear. I have nothing to regret.

I invite you on a stroll with me. Beware or one day you will come for real. Pitigliano is one of world’s best kept secrets.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 12/9/19: Pitigliano

  1. Pitigliano really is one of those magical hidden treasures of Italy. I had never heard of this place before knowing you, and now I can’t image a visit to Tuscany that doesn’t include at least a day to explore Pitigliano.
    Ahh…the 15 Euro door suddenly makes much more sense! Had they been open when we were there I would have bought one for sure. It would have gone nicely with the one I found in Amalfi which cost three times that price.

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  2. What I love about your posts, Manja, is that it’s just not a collection of doors. You give a sense of life in Italy. You give the feeling that we are walking together along these streets having a conversation. My favourite is the photo after the arch … the street scene. I feel like I’m standing at the top of the stairs with you. I love everything about that scene (including the cat 😻) To me it is a quintessential Italian street.

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  3. A dozen doors on a door! That is just wonderful! There are too many splendid doors here for me to choose. I think I like the doors with glass best, because then I get to see my friend Manja. What did you call those? Doorfies? Ooh, also the photo of the door in the mirror. The whole framing of that shot is fun.

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