Friendly blue Friday

What is blue around here: from the sea to the sky, ornaments, posters, art, and the mood sometimes as well.


Today I feel especially excessive, so I’m posting 26 blue photos from here, which is Italy, and there, which is Slovenia, since Amanda chose blue as the theme for this week’s Friendly Friday.

We start at the beach which we visited last week for the first time and were blown away by high waves, multitudes of sea grass and shades of blue, and finish in our little park with someone to watch over me.

The little piece in the featured photo combines here and there: it’s a find from my city of origin, Ljubljana in Slovenia, which was called Emona in Roman times. Just like in Rome, pieces like this keep popping up all over the place. And sometimes the sky is the same shade of blue.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Blue

19 thoughts on “Friendly blue Friday

    1. Hey, Duke, good to see you around. In the last photo is my bestia, whereas amore is human. 😀 Unless you mean the man in the photo towards the end. He’s just a friend. But as I say in my About me: I live with amore and bestia in rural Tuscany and some days it’s hard to tell them apart.


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