Ignored Friendly Friday

Nooo, not in the least, I’m not ignoring any of you, I’m just busy with visitors, hurting from all the walking and tired from keeping the dogs separated – that is to say active and active is good.

Ignore this!

And yet, the day when Snow Melts Somewhere called “ignored” for her and Amanda’s Friendly Friday photo challenge seemed quite removed by now.

Do you remember Manči? Today Manči’s owners went on a day trip to Rome alone, so I’m wrangling the dogs – who are friendly until one steals the food from the other – and resting my feet and able to see what all I or someone else or we all have been or have not been ignoring lately, first in Italy, then in Slovenia.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere: Ignored


18 thoughts on “Ignored Friendly Friday

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda. Train stain? 🙂 Is this a colloquial word for train station or was it an auto correct? Do you mean the tiny Solkan station? Yes, it felt a bit ignored. Horrid is right. Sometimes I don’t get people. The one who wrote it didn’t realise s/he was using the black paint.


      1. Train stain!! Bahaahaa. I am sorry. I did mean train station. I have a new phone and the auto correct is very stubborn when I type. Again As I wrote this it auto corrected station to stain!! Sometimes I have to force it three times to type the word I want. I failed to spot this one.
        Solkan – is that the name of the place? It would make a wonderful house – with renovations of course. Is the train line still active?

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  1. So many things here made me smile. I just love that old building with peeling paint. The teddy bear!! The different wonderful signs, like adults who want to live, and resetting the world (LOVE that). Also, what a perfect photo to end this themed post with. ❤

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