Friendly Friday leaves

No, Friendly Friday is not leaving neither am I, I’m merely turning a new bunch of leaves with my new blog, Sounds so pro.

And yet I’m the same as I ever was, showing my excessive twenty photos per post, and today Amanda says leaves for this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge so leaves it shall be.

Turning a new leaf

I don’t recall ever making a leaf compilation so well called, Amanda. Here is what I came up browsing my archives. They are from here, Tuscany, and there, Slovenia, as it usually happens.

Have some happy leaves and a friendly weekend.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Leaves

Friendly Friday

54 thoughts on “Friendly Friday leaves

  1. It is such a hard choice to pick one photo that stands out above the rest, Manja. So many caught my eye. The mirror street scene, all the leaf photos, the blog header, and no surprise, the’almost snow.’
    Reminds me of the little balls of snow that fell in Reykjavik when I was there. I was totally entranced by them. Thank you for sharing them so that others can enjoy their beauty.
    Love the new blog too!

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  2. Some of these really show your creative thinking when matching a photo to a theme. For example, I really loved the one of the leaves scattered across the paved lot. My fave is easily the very first one with the raindrops. I also love the butterfly shot right after it, and the courtyard in Rome.

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