16 thoughts on “This door is closed

    1. Thank you, Judy! If you take it as a challenge, it can be quite entertaining. I recommend preparing a few example posts on the new blog first and running them through different themes. It’s fun!


      1. Ohh, I just assumed that once you start a new blog, you’d be interested in changing the style. I hope your current WordPress theme is still in existence if you wish to keep it. They keep adding new ones and retiring old.


  1. I think I can comment from the WordPress bar on my site. I like the blog. The gallery style you use has visible comments, but I can’t type certain letters (including ‘D’) without being thrown back into the gallery. I can type my comments in Notepad and paste them in. Maybe someday, WordPress will fix this.

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    1. Thank you, Dan, for following me in my tracks. I’m glad you found a way to comment. I have tested this gallery throw-back problem on the only blog where it appears for me. I think the best solution is to refresh the page after viewing the photos in the gallery before you write your comment. It should be good after that. Mysterious WP ways, everywhere you look.

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