Pic and a Word #280: Legs are a bad construct

This is the last day in July and the last post on this blog. Let’s move on.








There may be another post to remind everybody to switch blogs with me, but this is it. I fill them up fast, that’s for sure. After Ishita told me about imagecompressor.com, I managed to make this blog last almost two years, and for this I’m grateful.

I’m looking forward to number six which is called An Embarrassment of Riches with the add-on Not really embarrassed. It starts tomorrow, but today there is a Prepost. Meanwhile I have equipped my new About me with (lots of) photos. Warmly welcome!

See my yesterday’s post for more tile art.

And now, the end. It gives me pleasure to end with a mermaid poem for Patrick’s Pic and a Word challenge. The mermaid has landed.

I used to be a mermaid, look at me now

I used to be a mermaid.
Legs were a mistake.
Legs are a bad construct.
First they grow
then they hurt

Now when I swim,
my legs are happy.
they dangle.
No more weight to carry,
No more pretence
of mobility.
No more fish.


In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #280: Construct

This day in my blogging history

20 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #280: Legs are a bad construct

    1. I’m so glad you find it useful, Smitha! It was your compatriot Ishita at the Italophilia blog who told me about it. The poem started in my mind as I was swimming yesterday, and my legs dangled effortlessly, and uselessly. Thank you! Make sure you make a switch to my new blog if you haven’t yet.

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