Happy in Piran

Glimpses from the last three days in Piran on the Slovenian coast where there was a tornado warning on yesterday for a short time and then luckily got cancelled. Possibly the first such warning in Slovenia.















There was a bit of a storm and heavy rain but no wind. I kept bestia calm in the bedroom with the loud repeat of Slovenia vs. Argentina Olympic basketball game in which Luka Dončić scored 48 points and then instead of going for the Olympic record of 55 points in one game took the bench saying: “Let the others play some too.” Slovenia scored 118 points and won by 18. Ahhh. *satisfied sigh*

To top it off, an hour or two later canoe slalom racer Benjamin Savšek won the first gold for Slovenia in these Olympic Games. It is most excellent to be here in my country at this moment when it’s raining medals. Not to mention finally being with my parents again. I’d even settle for a tornado.

But these photos are from the last three days when the weather was still calm. I was swimming and met up with a couple of friends who both had Covid-19 in December, and the friend’s daughter had it as well, and still suffer some consequences.

As for my parents, my father had three days of fever following his second Pfizer vaccine and my mother has had consistent headache with a burning sensation for a month or so since her second Moderna vaccine. Her neurologist told her it was from vaccination, most probably, and gave her some pills that have yet to have effect. That’s why I’m taking five more days in Slovenia after my coming second (Pfizer) vaccine to make sure I leave healthy.

The first photo is from my parents’ garden and there will be more from it in a special post later on. Then I strolled around Piran with bestia and on Sunday also with amore who joined me in Slovenia one week after I arrived and immediately got a parking ticket. Nothing could spoil his holiday mood though, and yesterday as the last photo shows he made us lasagne.

Here’s to more medal rain for all of us and only the gentle rain for plants and all who need it.

After I wrote the sentence above yesterday, today after more thunder and rain – behold – here comes another medal for Slovenia. In one hour we will know whether Tina Trstenjak will be golden or silver in judo.

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