Lens-Artists PC: Back door road

Here are five minutes on our back door road some time during my first November in Tuscany back in 2013. We only went to buy some gas.















I must post some Tuscany again, or you will forget that this is where I live, since I’ve only been posting Slovenia lately where I am now.

I took these photos in this sequence between 5.32 and 5.37 pm in November 2013, half a year after moving to the south of Tuscany, with my first digital camera, a bulky Canon. Not bad for November, I thought, watching the golden light descend upon everything suddenly.

Since I’m with my people again finally and on my laptop, these photos are edited even less than usually. But even if my screen sucks, I still like them and this is a good sign.

This is Lake Burano, the Tyrrhenian Sea behind it, and our favourite back door road. We just went to buy some gas.

No words in captions required today. In my blogging memories there I am with James Joyce, whom I searched around Ljubljana train station in my yesterday’s post.

I’m posting so early today because I set the alarm at 6.15 am to watch the first basketball game that Slovenia will play at any Olympic Games. It’s against Argentina, not Australia as I wrongly thought. Apologies for harassing my Australian friends. 😀 We will see how it turns out. For now only one thing is certain: the USA lost their opener.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, guest-hosted by Beth at Wandering Dawgs: Along Back Country Roads

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28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Back door road

  1. Loving these sentimental road trip snaps Manja…I feel you, when I am looking at sunsets or sunrise, I must take more than one photo, it is just a beautiful moment in life.
    As I am scrolling down your photos..I am reminded of the song …
    ” Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia, mountain mama
    Take me home, country roads”…an oldie but goodie.

    Take care & see you around!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Jan, he has his own walk route in Trieste! It includes many places where he lived and worked and a whore house as well. They have been thorough. And I’m glad you like my photo of Niki’s art. Thank you!


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