Thursday Doors 22/7/21: Ljubljana 1.

Hi, people! This is the brand new batch of doors from this Monday as I went to the centre of Ljubljana to get my first stab, taken by your brand-newly branded photographer.









I thought to forget about the Santa Severa castle for a while since I’ve changed countries and I’ve got some brand new doors for you.

I might have gone to a wrong place for my vaccine (I thought I knew that street name!), I might have walked a bit too long for my feet, I might have sighed over some newly built monstrosities, but I also caught many wonderful glimpses: of people who had been missing from my life, of new or previously overseen treasures, one cake, plenty of Luka Dončić ads sponsored by Dallas Mavericks (Really?? You can’t buy our love, sillies. It’s hard-won!), arty trains, and a monument to James Joyce. He stepped down from the train by mistake with his Nora, thinking they were already in Trieste, and had to spent the night on the Ljubljana train station.

And when I found the right place, I only had to wait in line thirty minutes to get stabbed.

These twelve photos were taken back to back in seven minutes on a sunny afternoon, including the time when I entered the blue door where we used to renew passports, and even though everything looked exactly the same a smiling lady told me they had stopped doing that there a long time ago. Now I need to call in to a completely other location and make an appointment first.

So this was Ljubljana this Monday. It starts with a boat on the river and it ends with another one. Somebody told me that they have doors too.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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40 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 22/7/21: Ljubljana 1.

  1. These are lovely doors, Manja. Glad to hear you’re getting your shots. Boats do have doors, and I always enjoy seeing them. I absolutely love the rich details in the blue door to the old passport office. It’s an odd combination, with the curve at the bottom and the interesting right angles at the top, but it works. The door you say you would remember mu=Ishtar be my fav, but it;s hard to tell – there are so many good ones today.

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  2. I like the blue door to the old passport office best. What a fun day out! It doesn’t look too crowded for a July summer day. Probably just the angles you framed though. 😀 I also loved that you caught the photographer making a photo. Did she get you too, I wonder? 😂

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  3. My favorites are the doors to the old passport station. Sounds as if it was a bit of a hassle from the business POV but you got some good doors out of it, so it wasn’t all bad and you did get your shot. 🙂


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  4. You managed to get some lovely pictures of doors. I traveled to Bangalore and hoped to get some pictures too but got none. I don’t think people are very creative when it comes to doors in India :). So, now I give up. lol.

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