Sail on, sister!

For your storm anniversary, here is a poem and a memory of a good August day which we spent in Planica in the Julian Alps last year.















Last August, two days before I left Slovenia for almost a year, we took the chairlift up to the top of the ski flying hill and gazed at those getting ready to descend by way of the zipline. You would do it too, or at least much sooner than I who would do it never.

Then we had a late lunch in the former Railways holiday home where we spent many happy New Year’s Eves and is now “Finisterra” restaurant.

It was a lovely day with no storm in sight but you have known storms from the start.

Born in a storm

Today is the anniversary
of your storm.

Born in a storm,
which one are you: 
a ship
the sea,
or the storm itself?

Born in a storm,
sail on.
Born in a storm,
sea on.
Born in a rage,
storm on.

And when the storm storms out,
as it eventually does,
continue as peace.

I best you all the wish. Love you, sis!

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    15 thoughts on “Sail on, sister!

    1. Ooooh, a dedication to your sister and it’s clear you know her. I enjoyed this post, and all the extra sister stuff at the end. The photo with sis and the old door is so beautiful.

      This place!! Pedro would LOVE this. He would be first in line and ask if we would wait while he went a second time. ha ha!

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