Pic and a Word #278: Creation

This is to give myself a bit of triumph. I’ll need it today.


In my language
creation starts with blood.
In Slovenian, 
the word for blood is “kri”.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky,
creation ends in blood. 
That’s when we applaud 
each other,
for spilling our blood.
“Well said”
we say, 
but we mean:
Well bled.

Today I’ll bleed
to be able to move.
I say to my blood:
Remember, kri,
to stay negative.

And then I read my poem again,
think a little,
and mumble
something about 
the damn nose swab.    

You too, nose.
You too. 

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #278: Creation

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23 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #278: Creation

      1. Has Slovenia been spared the worst if it? Our infection rates are going up again and some places are putting back restrictions. It’s hard to know what to do honestly.

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      2. I checked since you ask, K. In all Slovenia: On Friday, 1733 tests, 61 infected. On Saturday, 819 tests, 21 infected. 766.912 people have been fully vaccinated, which is 36,4% of the population. I’m getting my first dose tomorrow.

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