Thursday Doors 15/7/21: Santa Severa 3.

This is the third Thursday that we are strolling around this castle, and finally we enter the museum which is only four years old. No wonder that it seems so old and yet so new.








Yes, apparently the public has only been allowed to enter the main castle building since 2017 when the museum opened its door. Today we finally walk through it but not before we pass my favourite kind of blue doors: such with the sea behind.

Some of you may wish to learn some of the castle’s history. Really? I skimmed through some articles, and let me tell you… from ghosts, people buried kneeling – which, some claim, means buried alive, to Germans using the castle as their base in WWII. I’m pretty sure right now is the most peaceful time in its history. Let it last.

Suffice to say that the Saracene tower is from the 12th century, the plaque says, but it originates from the 9th century (internet says). And that Santa Severa used to be Pyrgi, the Etruscan port, and in 1964 they found here Pyrgi Tablets, three golden tablets containing texts in Phoenician and Etruscan languages.

We are still not done though. Today we may reach the museum entrance and walk through it but then we stop. Until next part which will come from Slovenia since this is where I’m off to really soon for about a month.

And because my uncle is here, today we stroll in silence. Read my thoughts between the pictures. And be well.

Ok, ok, one word for each photo.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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30 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 15/7/21: Santa Severa 3.

  1. I love your photos, Manja. The scenery, especially when seen through the glass doors, is magnificent. I really like the photo of the walkway between the two towers. What a wonderful place to walk.

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  2. I hope your journey to Slovenia is smooth and easy, and that your visit with your parents (and uncle and sister and whoever else shows up!) is splendid. I know the cool will feel wonderful. Your photos are lovely as always and I never tire of seeing your eagerness to discover new and intriguing doors for us.

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    1. Thank you, Bojana. No no, that photo from above is inside the museum. (But yeah, I’m a bit above ground. 😀 Flying.) If you loved that part, you’ll love the whole history. Having fun? Hm…. ready to bed, more like it. Tomorrow the test. I’ve just written a poem to post tomorrow, forgetting the bit where they don’t draw blood for this test. :p It was meant to be serious, now it’s hilarious. You’ll see tomorrow.

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