Friendly Friday wildflowers

Since Amanda is asking to see our wildflowers for the Friendly Friday challenge, here are two photos for each month in a year.












Not all are from the same year but each month gets a couple of wildflower photos. Only four are from Slovenia, the remaining twenty are from a 15-minute radius around here in southern Tuscany in all seasons (by car).

As expected, in the spring months competition was fiercest but I managed to make my selection as varied as I could.

Except for poppies and cyclamen and morning glory – I think – I don’t know their names but frankly – I don’t need to. Oh, one is passion flower and it really grows just like that on the Slovenian coast.

Every year, just in time, they come and go and delight me so. Hurrah for the blossoms and the seasons.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda at Something to Ponder About: Wildflowers

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24 thoughts on “Friendly Friday wildflowers

  1. I love how you get down low for your flower photos and show us something of the backdrop in an effective out of focus fashion 🙂 My favourite is the May poppy field – gorgeous!!

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  2. This collection is exceptional. I am crazy about how you put together these unusual and unexpected flowers. I am smitten with the pic for November that looks like quiet fires. And that poppy head, oh my goodness. And all your rhymes! ha ha!

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    1. Thank you most kindly, Crystal. ❤ And you even noticed my rhyming attempts. 🙂 That November photo was an utter surprise when I found it now. I had no idea that I had it. I'll be on the lookout for this growth and take more photos. And on poppies I can always count. All well to you!

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  3. Like Sarah, my favourite would have to be the poppy field. That photograph could make it on a large print on my wall! Fantastic. I just recently learnt how they are considered a kind of weed! Amazing as we revere them here. But then many of your flowers are only grown as specialist ornamental tended loving by very green thumbs. Such as the cyclamen growing wild in the forest. Oh my. That is amazing! Thanks for joining in with Friendly Friday again, Manja. It was a real pleasure reading this post.

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    1. You’re most welcome, Amanda, and thank you for careful viewing and commenting, and for this theme. This was a nice post to prepare.

      Indeed, poppies are weeds, imagine that. I remember when Teresa posted many Australian native flowers and I was floored and was thinking the same. We only get to buy them at the florist. Let me find the post. Here it is:

      And you’ve got mail!


      1. I will have to open the link for that post, on my desktop as the phone doesn’t want to play ball. Funny how we value what others dismiss as pedestrian.
        Mail received, thank you!

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