Thursday Doors 8/7/21: Santa Severa 2.

Last week we arrived and almost circled the castle, I went for a swim and then Flavia and I entered through the castle gate. Today I show you what all there is inside the castle grounds: not only the hostel but also the House of the Nostromo.











Santa Severa is by the sea in Lazio, Italy, between our home in southern Tuscany and Rome. I’d passed it often but never stopped until that day last September with Flavia and my visiting uncle. I had heard of a hostel in the castle and couldn’t quite picture it.

We continue right where we stopped last week: at the arch leading further inside the castle grounds. We had already crossed the castle courtyard with its many buildings, and I thought I had missed the hostel, but there it was behind the invitingly open door. What a place for a hostel!

Next it was another courtyard with many doors, some open, some closed, and an open door led into the House of the Nostromo where there were certain… excavations.

I admit it, I’m a terrible museum-goer. I don’t listen to explanations, I don’t read descriptions, I’m too busy getting a look and a feel of the place. And here it was plenty of all sorts of feels. As for facts – you will need to get them elsewhere. I did a quick google search just now and found a dead body in that room. Maybe it was Nostromo.

Not finished with Santa Severa either. There will be at least one more post when we enter the museum proper. And its doors look towards the sea.

In other news, Italy is in Sunday’s Euro 2020 finals against England. That’s calcio, or soccer, or fuzbal. Amore wouldn’t even have watched the semi-finals against Spain if I hadn’t turned on the TV. So much about that.

Today is covered with some rain, a nice relief. It’s been so hot that I’m useless. Yesterday I wished to go to the beach at 5.30 am, but then turned around and slept till 9.30. I have yet to swim in the sea this year. Bestia is in the garden all day because inside it’s too hot for his liking. Our air-conditioning only works as a fan, a heavy metal fan. Not much use, just noise.

I have not taken any photo in the last nine days.

Be well and keep your cool, and now come with me, we’ll find some doors to go through.

And meanwhile, here comes the sun again.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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37 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 8/7/21: Santa Severa 2.

  1. Thanks for the wonderful collection today, Manja. I love the arches! Are the clear sections glass floors? Or are they just so the people below can look up? They are interesting in the view they provide. I can see how you’d want to keep track of the exits.

    Good luck in the finals1

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  2. I’m a bit like you in museums etc – I prefer to take in the atmosphere and stroll around reading signs only about the occasional thing that takes my fancy!

    I would wish you luck in the final but I’m English so …

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    1. Yes, Bojana, I tend to forget that down is where it’s at. In Italy especially. Amore is an electrician and says that to dig for a cable in Rome is a pain in the ass. You make a little hole and a whole lot of history jumps out.

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  3. Lots of inviting shots here, Manja. I love the arches and appreciate the glass floors that allows both protection and visibility. In museums I tend to read but I also like to just browse and feel, as you say. What a great place to stay!


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  4. I love both the arches and the reflected light.
    It’s too hot to do much of anything here too. And now more rain, after wind and thunderstorms every afternoon. I hope your heat breaks soon, or you at least get to the sea. (K)

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    1. Thank you, K. When I read this comment after you posted it, I was thinking: “Ah, breaking the heat! That’s a thought!” Without believing that it could happen. And yet – some wind came all of a sudden and suddenly it’s much easier to bear it. You might have helped. 🙂

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  5. Our weather in the Midwest is supposed to be fairly unpredictable for our weathermen this year as there is no El NIno and no La Nina to guide their expertise. Guess we’re going to be on a roller coaster ride 🙂 Love that you showed the glass floor views. Arches are certainly eye candy 🙂

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