O mein Papà, happy birthday!

Today celebrates my father and we are not together yet. Here is the last year in photos, together with previous birthday posts in blogging memories where one photo is from Moscow 1964.















Considering the strangeness of times, let alone the fact that I write to you in English from Italy by way of my blog so that the whole world can see, we were lucky to catch some together times last year after all.

It culminated with the four days under the Julian Alps in hotel Alpina in Kranjska Gora, but let’s start the gallery with your last year’s birthday. You looked mighty stylish.

Happy birthday, Papà, babbo, oči B.! And here is what I’d sing to you if I could sing like this. But you know that I’m more like Janis. Na zdravje – to health, and joy won’t be far behind.

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33 thoughts on “O mein Papà, happy birthday!

  1. Manja, this is a superb post. Thank you so much for letting the blogosphere into your family memories and allowing us to feel part of such a warm family. I hope your Papa celebrates a birthday full of love and happiness today.

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    1. Ahh, thank you so much, Mari! I’m glad you call us a warm family. ❤ All well to you too and always welcome. (Just to alert you, your blog's URL doesn't appear under your name when you visit. This makes it harder to find your blog.)


      1. Thank you for alerting me to the fact that my url doesn’t appear. I shall get on to WP about this. I got this new computer 2 months ago and I’ve had a lot of problems with my site. WP says it’s the manufacturer’s fault, they say it’s HPs fault. Poor me in the middle just gets the problems!

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      2. Ahh, sorry to hear this. But I think you can go to the Account settings on your profile and change your Primary site so that it shows the URL of your blog. At least I hope you can… And I hope everything resolves eventually.


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