Happy 100, baca Nada!

Happy June 1st to everybody and 100th birthday to my grandma Nada!












I know what her husband, my grandpa Janez, would say if either were still alive and he saw this post: “Lej ga, zajčka!” Look at the bunny. He often said this to us just to make us look and laugh.

He also used to go to the shop and tell the butcher that he must be given the very best meat or his wife would beat him. That earned her some strange looks when they saw her with him.

I posted their beautiful photo two days ago as the first among my favourites. In my blogging history below the rabbit you can see that I like posting flowers for her on her birthday. If you click on the two flower photos, you will be taken to previous posts and learn more about her.

And here is something she liked to say:

All we need to do between birth and death is distract ourselves a little.

A rabbit, then. I was without my glasses and had to take photos and enlarge them to make sure it was not a rat. I saw it on Wednesday, the moon was full and it was the birthday of a friend whose surname translates as rabbit. Coincidence much?

Just look at these ears! So young and tender. And it is munching away and smelling the flowers as if the world were not a dangerous place. Kind of like grandma.

Happy 100, grandma! I used to think I might live to be 100 but that’s a really, really long time.

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