Pic and a Word #234: Presences

In such times as these it’s hard to keep the presence of mind. I hope you’re managing it. Here to help, a variety of presences from around here.













In such times as present
it’s hard to keep presence of mind.

As if we’d had them yet,
such times as present.

And we never will again,
they re-present the present moment.

Black man murdered by police.
CNN reporter and crew arrested on air.

Reuters cameraman shot,
in the face, with a rubber bullet.

Others will die and be wounded
but only the unjust fight journalists.

Elsewhere monkeys steal Covid-19 samples
and are seen drinking them.

Remember the geese, our neighbours?
The Geese of the Apocalypse?

They were four.
As of yesterday it’s down to one.

The last lone goose
with only donkey for company.

Which is the last rider standing,
causing absences with her presence?

I’d guess Famine
but surely it’s Death.

The poem is sad but the animals that follow are happy and happy-making. They were all captured in the last two weeks.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #234: Presence

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