Lens-Artists PC: Blues and greens

Frankly, it’s what I see when I look out or go out, and not much more. And then, just in time, the wildflowers arrive.















I used to say, especially immediately after moving to Tuscany from Slovenia, that this was all one needs: the blues of the sky and the sea, and the greens of the trees and the grass. Now, after two springs of almost only that, I realise that it’s variety that makes life come alive.

A quick look at my photo archives reveals that these two colours are heavily predominant. My recent Friendly Friday post, for example, is made up of only these two colours.

Tina asks us to display our cool colours, blue and green, for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. She includes a variety of wonderful images and the following most apt quotation:

“True voyagers are those who leave just to be leaving; hearts light like balloons.”

Charles Baudelaire

Eight years ago my heart lit like a balloon too. This is what I got.

Oh, and also Happy Towel Day to all space travellers and Happy Youth Day which we used to celebrate in Yugoslavia. More on that in my blogging memories at the end of this post.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Tina at Travels and Trifles: Cool colours – blue and green

This day in my blogging history

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Blues and greens

  1. Oh my goodness Manja – here in the US we have the phrase “an embarrassment of riches” meaning wow, so much wonder! I loved the snail image and need to know if you and your husband dressed for the challenge!!! Thanks so much for joining us

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