Dragon day

Today I call for a dragon day and give you all the Ljubljana dragons that I could find in my archives.











As hinted on Saturday, I have many dragon photos from Ljubljana, the city of dragons. Why is it called this? Well, I’ll ask you kindly to read about it here. It has to do with the Argonauts. My eyes tend to glaze over when history is involved. Call it inappropriate schooling.

Suffice to say there is the Dragon Bridge from 1900 with four quietly menacing dragons, but their tails wag if a virgin crosses the bridge, so there’s that. There are some smaller dragons on the bridge as well guarding the lamps, and several smaller dragon sculptures placed elsewhere along the river.

The dragon – “zmaj” in Slovenian – has made it into the coat of arms, it is a sports mascot, the fan club – Green Dragons – and the cheerleaders’ squad – The Dragonettes (Zmajčice) – are named after it, it appears on the Union brewery logo, and on and on.

It could be argued that everywhere you look something reminds you of dragons. Or is it only me? No, Flavia – on her first visit to Ljubljana before we met in person – also found a house that looks like one, plus many other dragons in her lovely dragon post.

And now let’s have a look at mine. Dragon lovers, unite and take over!

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