It’s time

Time for the bottlebrush, that is, but this is last year’s photo, it’s still quite far from bursting open. And time for the magnetic poetic Oracle to have her say.









This is not the bottlebrush above, neither eggs, but something else waiting to burst open, plus an ant visitor. Nature is waiting.

It's time

      Thousand gorgeous eggs,
      raw, juicy, sweet,
      in tiny forest.

Man must
      sing, sit, sweat.

      Love life.
      Live from day to time.

It’s cloudy and cold! It never used to be cold in May. This is almost Africa! No wonder the bottlebrush is in no hurry. At least we have our beloved stufa, that is furnace, but we are on the last bag of pellets. Snow Melts Somewhere tells me that in Finland the central heating is off already as if to say: It’s May. Go and swim now! I’m pretty sure that in our supermarket pellets have been replaced with barbecue coal too.

I still haven’t been anywhere new but amore’s father was here this weekend and after chatting with him for just half an hour I needed a nap as I’m so disused to talking to a real person (amore doesn’t count).

And when he left, I watched the entire first season of Line of Duty. It will be a battle to go out in the world. May the Fourth be with you!

30 thoughts on “It’s time

  1. Happy Star Wars Day, Manja. It’s cold here today, cold and wet. It doesn’t feel right for May. It’s supposed to rain almost every day this week. I guess that will keep it feeling cold.

    I hope your pellets last as long as you need the heat. I had to laugh when you said “amore doesn’t count.” The flowers are so pretty. I hope this year’s crop is as pretty.

    Have a nice week!

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  2. My daughter feels very much the same. She and husband have become reclusive. 😕💕 It’s almost summer here and the bottle brush are well out. We just came from the beach and it’s 25C. 🤣💕

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      1. Most excellent! Because it’s Thursday or just like that? 😉 It would be really great if you can make it, and link your post to Thursday Doors so that other door lovers can see your doors. Here is our host Dan at No Facilities: He will post tomorrow morning and just leave your link in the comments.

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      2. I promised Jade I would take some NYC pictures when I was out walking. Of course it must include some doors. So I thought Thursday would be a good day to post.

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    1. Ohh, no no, Elizabeth, this doesn’t happen or just really rarely. 🙂 I was just amazed that Finland stops its heating season so early, seeing that they still have almost freezing temperatures in May. Here in Italy it’s a lovely spring with a fresh wind preventing it to get hot, and we still keep our furnace running in the night. Thank you for popping over!

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  3. That is a beautiful macro photo of the bottlebrush. Didn’t know they felt at home in Tuscany. We have the is our dry desert too. I like when they are trying to when nothing else is. They make a statement.

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