Here it is! The first poppy spotted today, three days later than last year. Now all the rest will be just more of the same.












That splash of red! I was on the lookout for it the whole last week, knowing that it’s just around the corner: the first poppy of the year.

Today it finally happened. I spotted it from afar and it made me grin. Such a little cyclical matter and yet it’s calming to see that at least one cycle hasn’t been broken yet.

Except for the car, all the photos were taken in the last two days.

The last photo in the gallery – of my parents’ garden in Piran, Slovenia, where they are now – is especially special and I thank my father for taking me there: not only he took the photo and sent it to me, but he also repainted the table and the benches. And before that he built the legs for some new furniture.

This is how I found out that both of his grandfathers were cabinet-makers. It’s back to the roots, I see.


38 thoughts on “Firstborn

      1. We have had extensive rainfall so it is very humid and still very warm. But next week, once the ground dries out somewhat, the temperatures and awful humidity ( which makes one sweat profusely) will dissipate. Easter is also a turning point for the weather here. Is it likewise in your realm?

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  1. I get overrun by the orange California poppies, but they don’t come until later in the summer. Right now, the grape hyacinths are telling me it’s almost spring. Love the red harbinger in your photos.

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  2. So much fun reading about the lonely, little poppy. I do love them, the papery, thin petals are quite stunning. Wish I could grow them here but I do believe the deer would take them down before I could ever enjoy them. Cheers to more pops of red Manja!

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    1. Thank you, Denny. Yesterday I spotted two more, one was still to unfurl, and today I saw that this first one was gone! Picked by somebody, I wonder… But there will be others. They are indeed quite fragile and yet persevere even in the strongest wind.


  3. Beautiful images Manja and lovely colors. I hope that the lonely poppy has been joined by more red beauties by now 🥀 I wouldn’t mind having that table and chairs, they looks great!

    Sorry for not responding before but we are in the middle of moving from one place to another. After too many years we finally managed to sell our penthouse and are now going to rent an apartment before we move to Cyprus. Big changes, a lot going on and it feels very good. Probably won’t be able to keep up with the blog for a while but as soon as everything is in place I will visit you again.
    Thanks a lot for all the comments and “Likes” you’ve given on my page. Much appreciated❣
    Take care and greetings from sunny Malta 🌞

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    1. Ooo, you’re moving to Cyprus! Looking forward to exploring the island through your lens. Haven’t been there yet (or to Malta, for that matter). All well to your pack and happy moving! And yes, yesterday there were 2 poppies in the same spot, and today there were 4! 😉


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