From Sabina with love

This was the last getaway with Flavia two weeks ago on the last dry summer weekend. Both next ones sucked and we stayed at home. But since our goal was a waterfall, we’d do better to go now: it needs water to fall and there was none.

If you don’t know, Sabina is the name of the region of Italy north of Rome where I hadn’t been before. It’s famous for its olive oil and it’s very up and down, first with car and then on foot.

Luckily I brought my walking sticks and luckily my calcified feet are much better after eight physiotherapy sessions in Slovenia so I enjoyed the walk very much even though there was not even a W of any waterfall to be seen.

Flavia and I met in another town far from the mad crowd called Poggio Catino. As always she was there before me and made friends with a joyful cat.

We choose places to visit by feeling and not by much research so I’m always astonished at what I find where I land. What I always find is smiling Flavia and a piece of Italy that I haven’t seen before. Which is all it takes for a splendid day. And some food. And some doors.

This time there were more trees than doors, and cyclamen, and free climbers, and trees slowly turning into autumn colours. What there wasn’t, except for some stagnant puddles, was water.

Still, it was most excellent. We walked first to a cave of San Michele from the 4th century on top of a million stairs (or so it felt), and then to the location of supposed waterfall called Pozze del Diavolo, but it seemed that the tricky devil stole all the water.

Then we were hungry and lucky to spot and follow the sign to Cisterna, a rustic restaurant on top of the hill on the hill, at around 700 meters above the sea, where you sit outside on wooden benches and eat from plastic plates amid dogs, kids and friends. The first thing the waiter said when he saw me was that their tablecloth was made to match my shirt.

If you ever find it, say hi, sit and eat and be happy as we were.

And if you go there in another season, tell me if what you saw matches anything from the photos in this article which was the basis for our decision. Lesson: Italy is turning tropic. Water is not here to stay all year.

And now have a look at another happy Saturday through my camera. At the end there is a special addition: a trio of our selfies which Flavia allowed me to post. This made me happy because you can see our infectious smiles and I know you’ll smile too.

And here as promised the special trio of selfies to keep you smiling until I post again. Neither is a fan of selfies but when we do it, we do it right.

29 thoughts on “From Sabina with love

  1. My dear, I always have fun when I am with you and I have loved the way you write. Should we go back there in these days I am sure that we would have even too much water! I have seen pictures of the disaster in Liguria and it’s really scary! We’re turning into a tropical climate, you are definitely right.
    I cannot wait for our next getaway or runaway😂🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Flavia. It’s true, I’m not sure how we would drive on those roads in rain or bad weather. It was good this way. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next time too and am terribly missing our getaways these both weekends.


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