Thursday Doors, 1/10/20: San Galgano Abbey

Today’s post is a memory from last September day two years ago when I was last in the Abbey of San Galgano in special company.










You have seen all these photos before, some of you even as they were getting taken. As you will see towards the end of this post, the special company was the grand door hunter himself, our Thursday Doors host Norm. No door was hurt but neither was it spared.

I wish that all of you see this for yourself one day, the Abbey of San Galgano without the roof and with nothing much but walls and a door here and there. And Flavia will soon, for the first time, if I can help it. It seems that autumn is the best time to visit.

The first two photos in the gallery are from our first visit in October 2014 when my parents and us discovered it by pure chance, well, by following signs. All the rest are from 2018 when Norm was here, but it feels as if entire lifetimes had gone by in the meantime.

Today is a good day to remember this place and this visit. Welcome to join us, in memory and thought.

Have a most excellent full moon tonight. As they say in Mike Leigh’s “Naked”: “I used to be werewolf but I’m alright noooouuuuuuuuwwwww.”

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 1/10/20: San Galgano Abbey

  1. Ahh yes you’re so right; it was only 2 years and yet it feels like a lifetime ago. All the same it’s wonderful to revisit these shots because you did get some great ones. And that gorgeous Tuscan light was the star of the day, wasn’t it?
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and thanks again so much for the hospitality. We really do hope to return the favour one day.
    Hugs to you both!

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    1. You’re most welcome, Norm. Those were some fine four days and we used them well. The light is everything and around here it’s really the queen. I’ll never forget Honey how she was astonished at tasting that (was it third?) bottle of wine we opened saying something like it was too good to drink it just like this. 😀


  2. This is a magical place, Manja. The view of the Italian trees from the arched entry is amazing! I kept on viewing your photos back and forth…all of them makes me wanna go to this place!

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