Thursday Doors, 2/7/20: Bertoki and Vanganel

Today’s post is a memory from a year ago when turning off course to investigate a pretty church tower was still something one did.











On the way from the capital Ljubljana to Piran on the coast, I mentioned that there was an inviting church steeple that I kept passing near Koper, the largest port of Slovenia. Let’s go, both parents enthusiastically agreed, and so we went.

After a bit of driving (too far), we finally located the elusive church, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bertoki. It was closed but we didn’t mind, since there were enough doors and views to keep us (me) happy. And then father called me around the corner not to miss the red carpet door.

The ending was an especially happy one since we followed our noses (and a phone suggestion) and after some scenic driving reached the restaurant Nimis in Vanganel. They let the dog in (not automatic in Slovenia) and fed us properly without a prior booking. We’ll be back.

Here are the doors and other bits of the day, including a candle dispenser. Slovenians love their cemetery candles.

The two photos towards the end hint at tomorrow’s birthday boy. Three quarters of a century!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 2/7/20: Bertoki and Vanganel

  1. I love the shot overlooking the town and that restaurant looks very inviting. I think we all miss that feeling of freedom from being able to take unplanned detours in our travels to go exploring just to fulfill our curiosities.
    Like now, I’m curious to know why there’s a red carpet leading to that door 😉

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    1. Thank you, Norm. I’m have a bit of a blogging breather but I know – tomorrow is Thursday. 😉 Slovenia is nice and kind and full of people I know. I’m not exploring much but just breathe and hug them. When dad told me that there was a red carpet around the corner that I had to see, I didn’t know what to expect. 😀 I hope you two are doing splendidly.


  2. Oh that stone basin in the bathroom is appealing. I want one! ha ha. Like Norm, the red carpet door captures my imagination. It’s so lovely to look at the world with you and share in your perspectives. Hugs my friend.

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