Thursday Doors, 25/6/20: Piran 1

I’m really glad to be able to give you doors live from the past week in Piran on the Slovenian coast where I’m celebrating the birthday of Slovenia today. She turns 29.










While the imagery from the capital Ljubljana is bleak, teaming with protests, police and fences in the streets, here in Piran it’s calm and not as hot yet but enough to enjoy the lovely sea with only a few (non-stinging) jellyfish.

As I’m walking bestia, I keep an eye out for all sorts of beautiful things, but mostly doors and windows (they will come in a special post for Flavia who prefers windows but took these door photos in Pitigliano where we went together just before I left).

Here is the first part of Piran doors which I regularly pass and think of all you as I do.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 25/6/20: Piran 1

  1. A fun post. I love the light in the shadow selfie, and the mom doorfie is pretty cool too. Sadly seeing discarded masks and gloves tossed on the ground wherever, is becoming a regular sight around here a well 😦

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  2. Lovely collection of doors, Manja. Seems like you’re having a lot of good times with mom as seen on your “doorfies”. That’s a new word for me. I especially like the Bed & Breakfast and the Survivor. Have a great day my friend.

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