Happy 50, Taja!

Today celebrates my elephant-collecting friend, and I’m not there with her. What’s 50 for an elephant, anyway?










While hugs will have to wait, here is the past year in images, except the first photo is a bit older.

Every year on this day I display all the elephants that I have captured during the year with you in mind. There weren’t as many this year but you were the winner of our garden card tournament, yeahh, congratulations once again!

Here is a bit of soundtrack for today’s elephant post, a clip from Hatari! with Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini.

This song I first heard on the blog of Bushboy, a blogger from Australia who also collects elephants, I found out. In this link are some from this collection. I love that clock the most.

Let’s see the elephants that I found this year.

Dear Taja, happy fifty but remember – until we can celebrate it properly, I allow you to remain 49. 😀 Cin cin, na zdravje in cmooooka!


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