Pic and a Word #223: Untaken is taken

No, I will not offer a philosophical view from the quarantine. Rather I will take Patrick’s black square and fill it up.










The poem is about a vile action that nailed the last coffin in my quarantine. It is not Patrick that I counterattack, but rather his black square.

No, I will not

No, I will not place a black square
where a thousand birds should be.

No, I will not place a black square
where the pines and dog fill the sky.

No, I will not place a black square
where the hoop ignites the hope.

Strike that last.
I will.

On the first day of the quarantine
the park maintenance crew took it down.
Events are not related.

It is gone, my hoop.

It was unofficial,
possibly nicked from some court
by a previous tenant who has since moved out,
and set too low.

And yet,
it got me a ball,
it made me poem
and shoot,
or at least whispered
of promises
of exercise,
of shots untaken.

The next one will come with the net,
amore promised.

How I wish it were still there.

This is my playground. The photos are old – obviously, there is the hoop – but it’s about as far as I can go with the dog these days without getting questioned.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #223: Untaken

14 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #223: Untaken is taken

  1. there will be birds who, known to show
    the tricks of flight to passers by,
    may land again
    in your black square
    but not today.

    there will be pelicans, beaks too full
    of history books and verse,
    who will offload
    in your black square,
    but not today

    there will be cameras and friends,
    peach trees, gnocchi , and rough wine
    laid on benches
    in your black square
    but not today

    there is anger, tempered by good sense
    that holds the future and its treats
    in store ,
    that holds the tricks of flight
    beakfulls of joy and such like fun,
    as toys to wait for from saint nick,
    and as the sun heads for its summer
    we will wait for christmas,
    with hope
    in our black square.

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      1. Oh yes – I got that the hoop was removed, I didn’t realize it was that long ago though. Ah well, it is nice to relive happier memories especially during this time.

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