Friendly Friday rails

It may have gone off the rails, but my photos will be on or through the rails. Or is it railings? Hm… Well, as long as it’s friendly.








First of all, thank you and everybody else who has reached out in this period. It’s been hard-hitting, emotionally mostly, but right now it’s just fine. Amore is finally home from work.

We went to the supermarket twice in three weeks and it’s doable. When he returned, I asked him to describe the situation with one word and he said “empty”. I thought he meant shelves, but it’s the shop that was empty of people, while the shelves were full of food. We are in a lockdown paradise, basically.

It’s hard to think of others who are sick or less fortunate, of governments such as the new Slovenian whose members took photos of their first meeting wearing high-quality masks, while the doctors use lesser ones, or of governments who don’t admit testings, who don’t admit there is something going on, who don’t take care of their workers, their homeless, their people.

And hurrah for the Italians, once again, who keep showing that they, if anybody, will indeed survive. Tomorrow they will sing another song from their balconies all over Italy, and I’ve heard that Slovenian musicians are preparing a similar event for 6 pm tomorrow as well.

Be well, wherever you are, and keep inside if you can, it’s a good exercise.

None of the photos are new, I’m still not taking them. As Amanda asked for, here is a collection of things but mostly creatures on, off and through the rails. Or is it railings. I’m not quite sure I know the difference. All I know is that we need cat photos.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Rails


23 thoughts on “Friendly Friday rails

  1. I’m glad you are OK, Manja. These photos are wonderful. Yes, I am a cat lover, but that last photo with the dog. ❤ He must be waiting for the music to start. Everyone join in……!

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  2. Glad you’re ok. The images from Italy make me smile and bring a tear to my eyes, all at the same time. Keep safe. And great story telling on your post, as always.

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