Friendly Friday tea & coffee conversations

Today I had the audacity to mix coffee and tea. I think we will live, as long as there’s cake.













I was astonished to realise how many coffee- and tea-related images I have in my archives. Last month, when I did the post about the favourite ways I drink coffee and tea, I was almost at a loss which images to post and now I found so many new ones.

Hopefully Sandy, who chose coffee conversations for this week’s Friendly Friday photos challenge, and Su Leslie who kindly and deliciously invites us to tea won’t mind if I join both challenges. And for the undecided between tea and coffee there is cake.

We start with two images from Saturday when I went to Viterbo with Flavia and of course we had cappuccino and a lovely conversation, but we don’t even need coffee for that.

Towards the end you will see that I do enjoy tea as well. And sometimes it’s neither, or both, or just cake.

Be well and please don’t panic. We have enough of that around here in Italy already. If it’s the kind of virus that many don’t even know they have or feel just a little poorly, it will go around and we will likely catch it.

Happy conversations with your loved ones, on something else.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Sandy Chronicles: Coffee Conversations


The invitation to tea by Zimmerbitch

67 thoughts on “Friendly Friday tea & coffee conversations

  1. Coffee & tea. Do you know that’s a drink in Hong Kong? Yuanyang is a mix of sweetened milky black tea mixed with coffee. It’s for those who can’t decide on a good thing 🙂 Thanks for joining the challenge Manja !

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  2. I have to say, you do excess well 🙂 🙂 Somewhere around the middle there is a very inviting chocolate dessert, tilted to one side, with perhaps a few nuts on top? Yes, please! With coffee. And there’s a very nice harbour shot too.

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    1. Thanks, SMSW. No savoury fillings here. 😀 (Which reminds me… do you know those apple pies at McDont’s back in the days when I still went there? On one it said: “The filling is hot.” I read that as “feeling” and thought it was a commercial slogan. 😀 :D)

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      1. No worries, Bushboy. We are in such deep country that no virus can find us. 😉 Amore works in Rome but over there it’s okay for now. I saw a cartoon with the virus stuck in traffic on the highway. That’s why Rome doesn’t have it yet. 😉

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    1. Oh, Deborah, I love it how you say “miam”. I have never seen it written this way. Yes, I’m partial to chocolate anything. This colour scheme was most definitely an accident as well. I noticed it only right before posting. 😀 This was seven years ago. I miss these boots!

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  3. What a delightful tour you gave Manja!!! I just loved every photo and the polka dotted cups love! What beautiful backdrops and wonderful memories too. This was just awesome. And made me crave for some good old cake…I might be baking one today:)

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    1. It’s the strangest thing, Amanda. Most of my life I was drinking Earl Grey with lemon and honey and it was great. Here in Italy I’ve noticed that I simply must close my eyes for at least a few minutes after having it. I think they put something in it, even though I tried different brands. Or is it me? And thanks!

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      1. When I drink tea, I get a hot flush so it clearly vasodilates! I wonder if it is this effect that is making you sleepy? For it lasts just a few minutes and then passes just like you describe. It is a bit like the hot flush ladies get past a certain age, but it is definitely connected to the tea. Must be the caffeine, but caffeine should wake you up. Oh I have got it, it is the honey! Honey is very high in sugar and as we age, our bodies pump out much more insulin in response to a hit of sugar so that the body’s blood sugar is stabilised. Trouble is it pumps out a little too much and lowers our blood sugar which makes us feel very tired all of a sudden. They actually use honey to test for reactive hyperglycaemia. It is not diabetes as such. Do you notice feeling sleepy after a particularly rich chocolate or sugary dessert or snack?

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      2. Wow! May be just like you say. I love chocolate and never get sleepy after it. But honey I normally have only with my tea. I’ll try the tea without the honey. Btw, in November I had blood check and sugar is normal. I was worried a bit.

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      3. It is not an abnormal thing to have this response to sugar, it is your body doing what it should do. If it is the honey, it should happen if you eat honey at another time as well. Unless it is a combination of the caffeine and the honey. I generally have the tea to wake me up like coffee drinkers…. but then I am hyper sensitive to caffeine.

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      4. No – I didn’t mean it was the same feeling as a hot flush – just for me it occurs for the same duration as your sleepiness and at the same time – just after I drink tea. I am sorry that you get these – they are a pain. I got so used to them as for a couple of years they were every 10 minutes all day, every day. Ever since then though, I can’t tolerate hot weather as much as I used to be able to. It must diminish the effectiveness of one’s thermostat – all that overheating! At least it warmed me on winter days! But I never knew if the day was a hot one, or whether it was just another hot flush…..

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