La vita è bella

Life is beautiful, they say, and it really is, especially if you are living your creative dreams. Today celebrates mom’s cousin Duša who is doing exactly that.









A couple of years and blogs ago I showed on my blog already how it started: with a beautiful green painting. It soon got a poppy sister. Then came the seaside cousin which we keep in the bedroom, and the leafy aunt that was awarded to the winner of our annual garden card tournament. (Sorry – not sorry, I was that winner. I’m not going to schedule a loss like some NBA team.)

For my parents there was first the shoreline path where my mother often walks, which fits so well on their Piran wall. For their 50th wedding anniversary last year came another sea scene with two seagulls and the inscription “What would I do without you these 50 years?”

(The rabbit for my mother’s birthday asked to be included to show your taste, never mind that you didn’t make it yourself.)

And last but not least, you expanded into prints and for the campaign Life Is Beautiful, which asked the senior community members to create a poster on this subject, you came up with a brilliant red, black and white design.

When the works were displayed on various locations all around Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, yours got the prime spot in front of the Slovenian National Theatre Drama, which I featured here a while ago for its doors. The artist was present and the rest is history.

There is just something that doesn’t compute: when did you get to be a senior?

And here is all that I’ve just said in pictures. Thank you for all the art, Duša.

And finally, every year there must be an Italian tune since you are a student of Italian language. This year here is one too, by amore’s favourite singer Caparezza. Some would call it rap, others would call it culture and poetry, as the first comment under the video says. Your Italian is so good by now that you can be the judge. Here are the lyrics of the song about the dangers of losing one’s head, and here is the video full of paintings:

Happy birthday, Duša! Cin cin to your health and keep creating as it keeps your soul singing.

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