Thursday Doors, 16/1/20: M&M birthday doors

Today I have 100 good reasons to celebrate my two friends. Each will mark the day how she sees fit, I will do it with doors.











We are all the same generation; it was a good, nice and round year. All of those who are my age – and many of my friends are – are starting to slide down the slippery slope of a new decade this year and I will join them in exactly four months.

So, what else is new, we do this every moment, some will say and you are right. Still, I wish to celebrate today with two galleries of doors and their surroundings, one for each M-friend.

To start with, alphabetically, this one is for Mateja.

You still live a street away from my parents’ house in Ljubljana, just like when we used to go to primary school together. This summer we went on a dog walk around our old neighbourhood. Nothing else puts it in the perspective quite like such a walk.

You are also my door contributor. You have sent me several door photos from your travels (which I posted here) and the Valencia cat door is my favourite. May I suggest Portugal, Morocco, Cornwall, Santorini and Malta for your next destinations? 😉

And now it’s your turn, Mihela.

Like me you also live outside our native Slovenia. When you return, you have a beautiful home in Krka south of Ljubljana, next to the tourist farm and the restaurant of your husband’s family with the most scenic terrace where we enjoyed a lovely meal with my parents and uncle in 2017 – but without you (a post from this visit is here).

I returned to your home two summers ago for breakfast and met your daughter. Not so many months later you informed the world that you’ve just had another. Hurrah and long live!

Here are some doors from the estate and of its neighbours, including a castle. Your very special hand-painted mauve/purple/violet door with the golden frame is the most beautiful door I have ever seen on a friend. So now you know. 😉

Dear friends, I wish you both only that it continues as it is rolling because obviously you are doing something right. And spread the word, the world needs to know how it’s done. 😀 Cheers!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

38 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 16/1/20: M&M birthday doors

    1. Thanks, Melinda, but it wasn’t my invention. Can’t say for sure who said it first. For sure it stuck. If you follow the link at the end of this post, you will find Norm and many other door posts from all over in the comments to his post. Always welcome!


  1. Great doors as always Manja! The reason for your post is even better, and you did it in a way only you can, so hospitable and creative! Still a wish for a terrific 2020 for you! That the metal box hood may not disturb you too much! Jesh

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that’s a LOT of charm in one post! All the wood, the carving, the tile, the beauty — my absolute favorite “The open door to Tourist Farm Magovac in Krka town.” WOW. Really well done in this post. Love the doors that are posts all stuck together, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks, Joey, I’m so glad you find it charming. But I know – lots of flowers did it. 🙂 I just cannot seem to grasp your final thought: the doors that are posts all stuck together? Do you mean in another post, or in this one?


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